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Slough Immigration Aid Unit


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10.30am- 5pm

Monday - Thursday

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

OISC is responsible for regulating immigration advisers by ensuring they are competent and will act in the best interest of their clients.

OSIC Registration number: F200500137


Charity Registration number: 1064293

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Specialist legal advice, help and representation in immigration, nationality and refugee law


Slough Immigration Aid Unit works to empower people by ensuring they know their legal rights under immigration
law and can access them. You can help us continue our work to help people living in and around Slough, and their
families, with all kinds of immigration, nationality and refugee law problems.

Why the community needs this charity

Immigration status is vital for people's lives. SIAU provides specialist legal information and advice to help people to
understand their situation and to work towards changing it. We provide free advice to all and free or low-cost
representation in representing people's cases to the Home Office or Immigration Tribunals. We are the only source
for this in Slough; after legal aid was removed for nearly all immigration matters in 2013, we are even more vital.

Results and outcomes

Over 6000 people have benefited from our services. We help families be together if spouses/partners or children are refused entry clearance abroad. We support women (and men) from abroad who have survived domestic abuse from their partner to secure their rights. We can help to apply to waive the huge Home Office application fees and to change the conditions of stay for people who have no recourse to public funds. We help family members from abroad come to visit their families here.  We can enable European Union nationals and their families to confirm their rights and to apply for status under the EU Settlement Scheme. We have the specialist legal knowledge to know how to help.


Please help us!

SIAU always needs money to keep our services going. Staff and volunteers raise money and get involved in fundraising activities, such as the annual London Legal Support Trust sponsored walk.

Please help either by donating through to SIAU or direct through this website. And please do tick the Gift Aid box as well, if you qualify, so we can get that extra bit of money from the taxman too.  


Slough Immigration Aid Unit staff on a fundraising walk
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